Trending Hair Color Ideas for 2021

Hair color is not just limited to black, blonde, and red. From platinum to dark chocolate to baby blond, many hair colors are available now and are trending. Your hair color tells a lot about your personality, and people may have an impression of you accordingly. Hence If you like to keep up with the trends, you need to know more about hair color and decide which suits you. Here we have brought the best hair color will still be popular in 2021 for you to up your style game. 

Tweed Hair

People are so much into color gradients. Hair colorists can confirm that the trend of getting darker roots and lighter ends is fading and the “tweed hair” are the talk of the town. When highlights are evenly distributed among hair, the color is termed as “Tweed hair.” There is an unlimited range of contrast that you can choose from. However, the most seen contrast is rich brown hair and golden balayage highlights. They give a very bold and sophisticated look.

Rooted Platinum

The rooted platinum is the new way to wear platinum hair and is so cool. It is basically the platinum hair with roots of a darker shade. Girls who already have platinum or blond hair can easily get this, as all you need is just a retouch at your roots with a darker color. This contrast looks hot and is trending in 2020. 

Baby Blonde

Baby blonde is the best hair color if you want to get a lighter hair look without going true platinum. It is best if you go to a hairstylist for the new look. Ask for a pale base color with warm shade and white highlights. As many colorists say, this shade is universally flattering as it gives you a mixed look of warm and cool. Also, it compliments all the skin tones.  

White Blond

A bright white double-process blond can completely change the style of your hair while this color can add instant cool to your look, just be sure you’re prepared to commit to regular upkeep with the recommendation for a touch-up every six to eight weeks.

True Platinum

It's been over a year since we saw Zoe Kravitz flaunting the Platinum Pixie look. All of a sudden, this chic hairstyle's popularity grew multiple times, and many were in the queues to get their hair dyed pure white platinum. Hair colorists suggest it over the ashy-toned platinum, which looks too gray. Additionally, they suggest going to professionals who have prior experience in it as it is quite a tricky look to acquire. 

Brown Ale Hair

Brown ale hair has a deep mahogany base and swirls of amber highlights and also has a warm brassy or mousy undertone. It is the perfect color for fall and winter of the year since it's a great way to go deeper and richer for the cold weather ahead while still offering a touch of warmth.

Champagne Blond

Bored of blond but not quite ready to plunge into pink? A pale Champagne color is right in the middle and has almost an ethereal fairy-tale vibe. It looks warm and cool for any skin tone. Add light blond to your makeup for a signature look and also can coordinate with your statement champagne blond. 

Greige Blond

It’s almost a greige shade—think golden beige but also ashy and has been popular with blond clients since it doesn’t take a lot of upkeep and complements most skin tones. To get the look, brush those sandy tonal highlights.