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You can get updates on how to get pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy and how to better raise your baby and have a better family life.

How We Started

Met at an antenatal class, we shared experiences of pregnancy care every day. However, most of the time we were daunted by the prospects of giving birth and taking care of a newborn and then toddlers. We did research on line, consulted healthcare providers and pediatricians and discussed with other moms. Then we asked ourselves: “why can’t we create a platform where moms can find accurate answers to questions they have from the minute they want to get pregnant to the long process of raising a baby?” That’s why we established NewKidsCenter.com. All the topics on NewKidsCenter.com are the ones that matter most to moms. We do our best to ensure the accuracy and completeness of every article, thanks to our expert team who not only possess professional expertise in this field but also have abundant experience.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing professional answers to questions you have about pregnancy and parenting. With trusted advice from experts, NewKidsCenter.com makes it easier for you to get pregnant and provides informed guidelines on pregnancy care, as well as making parenting easier for you. We also believe in the power of community and sharing. By weighing in your knowledge and experiences on NewKidsCenter.com, you are helping to make others’ life easier.

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If you have questions about pregnancy, baby care and family life or if you can provide professional insights regarding similar topics and would like to share your knowledge/ experience with moms from all over the world, feel free to contact us through:

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While NewKidsCenter.com strives to keep the posts on the website up-to-date and accurate, the contents cannot replace consultation with a medical professional. The information is for educational purposes only but not intended as a tool for self-diagnosis.