Just to Enjoy Music with MP3 Players

If you really care about sound quality, then you’ll stop using your smartphone as the music player it was never designed to be. But before you invest in a decent MP3 player, consider exactly what you need: if you currently possess high quality audio (lossless) files and are looking for a player that retains all of that pristine sound, then you’ll need an advanced DAC player. If you simply want to transfer your massive bundle of tunes from your phone and aren’t too concerned about sound quality, then a cheaper variant will do just fine.

Sony NWZ-E390 Walkman MP3 Player

Affordable and easy to use, Walkman mat not be quite the name it was in its eighties tape heyday but with 35 hours of battery life, up to 16 GB of non-expandable storage (4 and 8 GB variants are also available), and a 1.77-inch colour display, this is a fantastic buy at a friendly price from a name that still has street cred. Compatible with FM radio and i-tunes, the NWZ won’t play lossless files (only the most common audio formats), but that’ll generally suit you fine if you’re transferring tunes from your phone.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 MP3 Player

If you’re getting serious about features and audio quality, then the ZX507 is your entry point. It features balanced audio output for high-end headphones (a feature your earpieces can’t utilize from your phone) and can play Hi-Res Audio files in wired or wireless mode. It supports all major audio formats, including high quality lossless, and can stream high-fidelity audio over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Running off Android, you can access all main streaming services too. With 64GB of expandable storage and up to 20-hours battery life, this model is also easy to use and super smooth to look at.

Sony NW-A105 Walkman MP3 Player

Sony’s NW-A105 Walkman MP3 player has all the bells and whistles that you're looking for: excellent audio quality, support for a wide array of audio files, expandable storage, intuitive touch screen interface, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Best of all, because it’s powered by Android, the NW-A105 also offers access to all major audio streaming services. I tested the player and enjoyed rocking out to Hi-Res Audio albums I downloaded for offline use from Qobuz.

FiiO M6 MP3 Player

The FiiO M6 MP3 player is a solid alternative to the feature-packed Sony NW-A105. It’s elegant, easy to use, and more affordable. The audio performance of the M6 is also top-notch, courtesy of high-quality audio components, as well as a speedy Samsung-made chipset.

Apple iPod touch (7th Generation) Media Player

Apple's latest iPod touch is equipped with the same A10 Fusion chip as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a 4-inch Retina touch screen, an 8 MP camera, and Apple iOS, the device can do a whole lot more than play your MP3 collection. The tech giant's mobile platform will give you access to a vast selection of high-quality apps and games, including access to all major music and video streaming services. Save for making phone calls, the media player will deliver an iPhone-like experience, including the ability to FaceTime and iMessage people.