Cool Things to Buy 2020

You know what it’s like. So many things you need to buy – new car, new shoes, new home, new boiler. The list goes on and on and – to be honest – will continue to do so unless the lottery instantly dissolves your financial needs. Let’s imagine for a moment that we lived in a world where fun and desires were not frowned upon, and where we could splash a little cash without having to feel guilty or explain ourselves to anyone else. Now let’s imagine that the house, car and home appliances were someone else’s worries and that – just for the afternoon – you could do a little online shopping. Like that feeling? Here’s a list of cool things you might like to buy.

Heated Car Blanket

A little sunshine and we forget: leaving the house in the dark and having to scrape the ice from the front window before revving the engine to get that darn heater working properly. This heated car blanket won’t scrape the windows for you, but once you’re on the move it’ll feel as comfortable as staying (awake) in bed. Plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Hot chocolate and marshmallows not included.

Rubber Chicken Purse

This rubber wonder has all the detail (face, feathers) that might convince people momentarily that you’re carrying around a real chicken. OK, that’s pushing it, but it’ll certainly be more of a conversation starter than a standard Louis Vuitton clutch, and who’s to say that it didn’t cost you as much? Of course, fun is the main reason for bringing this bag to the ball but, aside from when the big boss is in a bad mood, there’s no occasion too great or small.

Ostrich Pillow

It’s not a joke. Well, it’s partly a joke (would you wear this thing on an aeroplane?) but it’s also a highly effective pillow that ensures, whatever the angle, context or location, you can get the power-nap time you feel you need. No more shifting the complementary pillow around the seat or trying to position the neck support for ideal leverage and comfort; the ostrich pillow is comfortable, practical and lets you forget the indignities of the world around you.

Polaroid Mobile Printer

Printed photos seem to have gone the same way as cassette tapes, which is a shame because there really is nothing like a physical copy to slip into your wallet, bring home from the party, or bury at the back of your wardrobe as an embarrassing reminder of that amazing holiday. Polaroid are onto it with this Bluetooth connectable device that means you can have everything in your phone and in your beer-soaked hands too. 

Window Pet Bed

As unlikely as this may be, if you get to the stage where you can’t think of anything else to buy for yourself, then why not treat that special someone in your life – your cat of course.  Your feline friend will be able to rest high enough away from any usual intruders (kids/the dog) while at the same time making the most of sunshine beaming through the window. Of all the individuals you want on your side, the cat is probably the most important.

Dog Fence Window

Your dog deserves a treat too, of course. He may not be able to reach the cat up high or get to the postman on the path or next door’s football, but there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to see what’s going on. It may even make him feel more important. You probably want to get permission from your neighbours first to make sure it’s OK to cut a big circle in the fence, but with that cleared, you’ll have a proper lookout post for your number one lookout.

Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Phone Pockets

This 72-by-72-inch shower curtain is ideal for those who like to binge-watch while they’re washing their hair. Let’s not make any puns about dirty movies or clean family fun; with a number of weighted pockets you’ll be able to do two things at once; also great if you struggle to get the kids into the bath or – at a push – if you need to take calls while you’re soaping up.

Under-Desk Hammock

Another product you don’t want to utilize when the boss is around. Nevertheless, if you have been clocking the hours and don’t fancy the thirty-minute drive home, then why not snooze at work with this Uplift under desk hammock. Note: only for use with Uplifts own desks, the hammock is easy to assemble and requires no drilling. Also a great home addition if you’re struggling for space or have been banished from the bedroom!