Celebrate your Moment with The Best Prosecco Brands

There is no secret that a glass of perfect wine is essential for an ideal evening. If you have been big on champagne, you should give Prosecco a try. Prosecco is the 2020's most trending drink, and a significant part of the population prefers to celebrate their happy moments with a glass of crisp Prosecco. It hails from Italy's Veneto region and is made from Glera grapes. Prosecco has emerged as a much less expensive alternative to champagne. A number of prosecco brands like Mionetto and Ruffino Prosecco have put their wine in the market, and we have chosen the best among them for you.

1. Mionetto Prosecco Brut

Mionetto is the best when it comes to Prosecco and does not let you guess that it is not as expensive as it tastes. It has a taste for you to relish in it and also makes a great complement to other cocktails. With fruity tasting notes of apple and honey, it is best paired with cured meats and creamy cheese.  At an affordable price, Mionetto is the best prosecco for your happy moments.

2. Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG

The crisp Santa Margherita Prosecco with tasting notes of pear and apple is a perfect drink to celebrate your happy moments. This bubbly drink can go with heavy dishes such as grilled vegetables with parmesan cheese,  pasta carbonara with shrimp, or Beef with rosemary. Hailing from Valdobbiadene, this sparkling wine is worth a try.

3. Bianca Vigna Prosecco Brut

A prosecco that has much more depth of flavor than many other options out there, this dry and lip-smacking prosecco has a nice acidic tartness and notes of green apple. It pairs nicely with anything rich and cheesy — baked Brie, raclette, you name it.

4. Ruffino Prosecco

Intensely fruity, juicy, and fragrant, with a clean and dry finish, Ruffino Prosecco tastes delicious paired with fresh seafood, grilled pizza, and light pasta dishes. The subtle peach and apple notes also make this bubbly a nice choice to pair with fresh fruit and cheese.

5. La Marca Luminore Prosecco

Italian brand La Marca released this slightly higher-end Luminore Prosecco a couple years back, and we are big fans. Equal parts celebratory and food-friendly, this versatile prosecco is the perfect bottle to bring to any occasion.

6. Scarpetta Prosecco 2018

An affordable everyday wine that tastes much more special, Scarpetta Prosecco is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We love the bright citrusy notes in this playful prosecco, and think it tastes best paired with fresh seafood and raw kale and arugula salads.