Best Home Décor Sites to Revamp Your Cozy Home

Home décor shopping has always been one of life’s best kept secrets: a means to find inspiring ways to make your own pad, palace or prefab look as beautiful as it possibly can. Problem was, it was always a long drive between home décor shops, and frequently overcrowded inside. But the advent of online shopping has taken the sweat out of décor retail; now you can browse and compare items online, their availability, pricing and colour options. And with apps like Honey, you can also locate the very best and up-to-date deals, ensuring you’re always paying the lowest possible price. With that said, take a seat and start browsing for a new one with our list of the best home décor sites.

ABC Carpets and Home

Their website oozes easy class, which matches products (lights, rugs, upholstery items) that are in the upper end of the price range. Clearly what ABC is good at is definition; you’ll feel like the item your purchasing, be that a chair or throw, is exclusively made for you and your home. In some senses you won’t feel like you’re shopping at all, but gliding through a mid-town gallery where prices and closing times don’t need mentioning just yet.


Not just a home décor site of course, but then the behemoth that is Amazon has grown into the world’s most important company by being so much more than a book deliverer. Of course, they shop and stock most of the products and brands you’re looking for, and give you a plethora of alternatives and the best possible bargains. Amazon also has their own private label brands (Rivets, Stone and Beam, Ravenna Home, Dorotea) that offer differently styled home décor in abundance with just one click of that tempting yellow button.  

Crate & Barrel

CB2's flagship brand is less about making bold decor choices and more about creating a clean, cohesive look. They are one of our favorite shopping sites for sofas and other living room seats, but their large range of furniture and decor spans the entire home.


Think beyond the BILLY bookshelf during your next browse through IKEA! Their streamlined utilitarian designs and modular storage solutions make for affordable starter furniture pieces, though the brand keeps surprising us with new collections and design collabs that feel far more inspired by high design.

Lulu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia's elevated style mix is all over the map in the best possible way — everything from mid-century inspired designs to minimalist tabletop details to graphic storage solutions are covered here. If you need a showstopper piece that no one else in your circle will have, bookmark this home decor shopping site, STAT.


Wayfair is one of the best home decor stores for kick-starting your search for new furnishings, not only because of the competitive prices and thorough reviews, but because their inventory is truly massive. From living room mainstays to holiday decor, their marketplace serves up pages and pages of search results for any possible item.


Direct-to-consumer brand Parachute built its name in high-quality bedding, but they've since extended to plenty of other areas of the home. The company, founded in 2014, now has an impressive selection of bath towels, area rugs, and table linens that make perfect housewarming or holiday gifts for the person in your life who loves the finer things.