Amazing Grocery List Apps That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

“Milk, bread, flour, and… Oh no, did we forget the eggs again?” 

Even when you’ve put together a grocery list there’s always something you miss. And let’s be honest here, how often do you actually remember to bring your grocery list when going to the supermarket? 

Simple as it may seem, grocery lists are very important. That is unless you want to wander around the aisles aimlessly, trying to remember everything you need to buy. To make grocery shopping easier, it’s time to switch to grocery list apps. Think about it, you wouldn’t forget to bring your phone to the store and thus, it can act as your personal grocery shopping assistant! Interested? Here are the best grocery list apps you might want to try.

Our Groceries

Create and organize your grocery shopping list with a touch of your finger with Our Groceries. With its clean and simple interface, this is the best shopping list app to make a grocery list quickly for any occasion. This app also allows you to create several lists so you can plan ahead for that office potluck and family BBQ party simultaneously. Our Groceries also allows you to create and enter recipes. So the next time you want to make your child’s favorite lasagna, you only have to click to know all the things you need to buy to make that dish.


This amazing app will not only help you organize a grocery list, but it will also help you create a personalized meal plan for your entire family. Mealime has countless delicious and healthy recipes you can try. This app even shows the complete nutritional information of each recipe. Mealime is specifically designed to help you generate a minimal-waste grocery list from your chosen meal plan to make cooking easier for you.


AnyList makes quick work out of organizing your grocery list by category and translating it into an easily navigable plan of attack. Reviewers particularly love the time-saving Autocomplete feature, which suggests common grocery items as you type them and then intuitively organizes those items into categories.

Bring! Grocery Shopping List

Plan, manage, and share your grocery shopping list with ease using Bring! Whether you're planning an office party with colleagues or making a list for supermarket supplies with family members for a big get-together, this clever grocery-list app allows users to create, sync, and share shopping lists with everyone involved in planning.

Avocadolist Shopping List

With its cute animated touches and easy-to-use interface, Avocadolist will make running errands fun while simultaneously boosting your efficiency as a shopper. Reviewers love the automatic-sort feature, which organizes grocery lists into categories to save time, as well as the built-in calorie calculator for tallying food items.


Although this is technically a recipe app, ChefTap has an impressively intuitive built-in grocery-list organization tool to make your favorite saved recipes come to life. ChefTap automatically clips recipes from any site and saves them into the app's permanent archive without any cutting and pasting, highlighting text, or hidden third-party sites involved.