Top Ten Worst Cities in America

America is known as one of the top countries around the world due to its investment opportunities as well as the quality of education and living. People from around the world intend to immigrate and live in the United States and CNN Money released an annual list of the top cities in the country to live. This list includes areas with excellent health care, schools, and economies, but it is also important to be aware of the dangerous states and cities within the country. The report was calculated using the FBI’s statewide statistics.

Top 10 Worst Cities in America

Consider the crime rate, economic level and other unstable factors, top 10 worst cities in America are listed below.

1.    Camden, New Jersey

At the very top of the list is Camden, New Jersey. Camden has around 75,000 residents and is known for concerns related to drugs, poverty, and homelessness. Around a year ago, the policing moved from Camden to the county and even more officers were hired. Within 2013 alone, Camden saw a decrease in homicides from 67 to 57 (compared with 2012). Violent crime also declined 38%. Despite this, the statistics are too high as the population is 77,250 people with a crime index of 606.4.

2.    Detroit, Michigan

Despite having a decrease in violent crime within the last year, Detroit is still one of the most dangerous places in the United States to live. In 2012, there were 386 murders, showing an increase from 2011 when there were only 344. In fact, the murder rate stayed about the same even as the population decreased. In the Detroit MSA, the current violent crime rate is 48% above the national average at 574 per 100,000 residents, but the majority of these crimes originate in the urban center.

3.    Oakland, California

Oakland has seen its crime rate grow steadily over the years until the index reached 435.7 with a population of 400,740 people. The current levels put the police force of Oakland at about a third the average in the state despite its status as the largest crime area. The police department aims to fix this and is using the CompStat system with emphasis. The tactic of focusing on the areas with the most crime has taken effect, and rapes and assaults have dropped with murder plunging 30% to reach levels as low as 2004 last year.

4.    Flint, Michigan

With a population of 100,515, Flint has a crime index of 519.8. This area is known for its economic downfall since the fall of the auto industry. This has led to the poverty rate approaching 40% as the average household income dropped 45% lower than the state's. The lack of money has led to cuts in the police department in terms of officers and wages, further hurting the chances of fighting crime. There are 67 murders in 2012 in the city and in 2013 these numbers fell to 55.

5.    Newark, New Jersey

Last year Newark experienced a spike in violence since 1990, reaching 111. The crime index of 287.9 is worsened by cuts in education, affordable housing, and job training. Some estimate that budget issues have been below police staffs' ideal range, making them responsepassivelyinstead of actively. Residents feel that they need to prevent crimes via street level intelligence.

6.    St. Louis, Missouri

It is true that violent crime in St. Louis is declining during the last decade, but the murder rate shows an increase again last year. In 2013 there was an increase of 6.2% for murders, with 120 in total. Despite this, the police chief says that the city is improving and their crime index of 342.3 is on the mend.

7.    Gary, Indiana

Gary was originally founded by U.S. Steel Corp but when the industry fell, its decline began. The city has one of the highest homicide rates in the country at 69 per 100,000 residents and over 37% of the city's residents are living below the poverty level. Gary changed its method of deploying officers in hopes of increasing efficiency and in addition, and had volunteer officers assisting with paperwork so full-time ones can fight crime in November last year. The mayor says that just between November and January when the changes started, the city saw a large reduction in the amount of violence.

8.    Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport comes in with a crime index of 281.1 and a population of 146,425. This is the largest city within the state of Connecticut and also the most crime ridden one. Around a quarter of those living in Bridgeport are below the poverty line. Additionally, there have been many shooting areas swhich are linked to the city's gangs. In response the city launched various gun buyback programs in hopes of reducing the number of weapons on the street.

9.    Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has been one of the first cities hit by the subprime mortgage crisis. During the mid-2000s, the city saw neighborhoods that had been stable becoming full of vacant homes which then became dens for crime. This led to crime peaking in 2006.

More recently, however, the city has begun to see some improvements. There has been an upturn in the local economy with the unemployment rate slightly lower than the national one at 6.7% in November 2013. As these improvements occur, crime has been on a steady decline in Cleveland. In just the last year, homicides dropped by 11%.

10.   Birmingham, Alabama

The number of murders in Birmingham was 78 in 2012 and 67 in 2013. The city has been working to improve the numbers and technology of the police force. By expanding patrols they managed to decrease numbers for three consecutive years, making the lowest homicide rate in 10 years. Downtown revival has also given new life to this area and made it safer than before.