Smoking Weed While Pregnant

image001 Marijuana is a commonly used drug, which is also known as cannabis, pot or weed. It is derived from the leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. The leaves are left to dry and are then either used in a pipe or rolled as cigarettes. It is mostly infamous for its adverse effects on the memory, ability to learn and social and moral behavior of people. Generally, people smoke it to relax, but some researches have shown that it can be used to cure certain medical conditions as well. But what about smoking weed while pregnant?

Smoking Weed While Pregnant—Is It Safe?

Women who are ardent users of marijuana often ask their doctors whether or not it is safe to continue using this drug while they are pregnant.

Though lacking sufficient study and proof which says that smoking weed or marijuana brings harm to the baby, there is always the worry that Cannabis may affect the mother's judgment and ability to care for her pregnancy. Moreover, there's always the risk of addiciton and harms on lung in the mom.

It's better to be safe than sorry, according to Babycenter, not only does smoking weed while pregnant directly affects the growth and development of your baby and his nervous system (some may argue against this), but it also deteriorates your own health.

Apart from that, you cannot know whether or not the weed you are using contains pesticides or drugs such as PCP. These toxic elements along with tobacco and alcohol are very dangerous for your baby and heighten the chances of your baby having birth defects.

If you have been smoking pot before conceiving, don’t worry as there are very few chances that your baby was affected by its harmful effects. However, it is vital that you discuss this issue with your doctor and let her know about all your previous and current habits and addictions, so she can check whether or not your baby is progressing at a healthy and steady pace.

Can I Use Other Drugs During My Pregnancy?

It is best that you don’t use any drug during pregnancy as all drugs, including tobacco cigarettes, which have terrible effects on the development and growth of your baby. Take a look at the effects of other drugs on you and your baby during pregnancy.

  • Cocaine. Cocaine causes less birth defects, but can put your baby at the risk of toxicity and withdrawal symptoms. It can also result in abnormal birth weight, smaller head circumference and retarded growth and height.
  • Heroin. It is associated with greater risks of withdrawal symptoms, sudden infant death syndrome and babies born to mothers who use heroin during pregnancy are admitted to newborn intensive care for monitoring.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol is extremely harmful for your baby and puts him at the risk of getting physical and mental disorders.

How to Get Help

  • If you are addicted to using illegal drugs, it is imperative for you to discuss this issue with your health care practitioner or midwife. They should know that you have this addiction, so they can advise you the right medications and ways to combat this issue, so you can have a healthy baby.
  • Your doctor won’t judge you for this habit. It is his duty to guide you with the best advice. Discussing this problem with her will exhibit your love for your baby. Hence, make it a point to tell her about your drug abuse, so you can get the right help at the right time.
  • You need to be willing to leave this habit for good so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and can have a normal, healthy and happy baby. You can do yoga or meditate, so you are able to relax your body and mind. This will calm you down and help you in combating your addiction.
  • You can also visit a good therapist and can make use of the strategies he suggests to you putting an end to this problem.