Lamaze Childbirth Method

image001 It is widely believed that delivery and labor process can be made a lot simple and less painful if a special method is learnt specifically for this purpose. Lamaze is one such childbirth method which can prove to be very helpful for those women who want to go through the natural process of delivery without much pain. Lamaze childbirth method was introduced by a French doctor in the beginning of the 1950s. It has been known to help women cope with the labor pain that they have to go through when delivering a baby naturally.

What Is the Lamaze Childbirth Method?

The Lamaze method of childbirth is among the most common childbirth classes that are offered for pregnant women. The method particularly emphasizes the importance of natural birth and states that giving birth is a natural phenomenon and a woman must be allowed to deliver the baby naturally.

The Lamaze educators in the beginning focus entirely on educating the women about breathing techniques which help them in dealing with the pain associated with labor. However, the vision of the Lamaze educators has broadened a lot in the last few years. Now, they focus on a number of aspects which include breathing as well. The goal of the Lamaze method is to make the women confident about delivering their babies naturally without requiring any medical intervention. This method teaches them how to overcome the pain that is felt during natural childbirth.

Lamaze method also advocates teaching the women about the medical procedures. If medical intervention becomes inevitable, the women are well-informed about the procedure and are able to make wiser decisions.

If you want to get more information about the Lamaze method of childbirth, you can watch the video below:

When to Start Having a Course of Lamaze Childbirth Method

The first trimester is the best period for you to start organizing and planning everything. In this period, you would be trying to get a hold of your body and would not be in a position to attend a class but you can plan and look for a course instead during this time period. Planning this early will also help you in finding a Lamaze course. It is ideal to have your first class scheduled when your pregnancy is seven months old. Moreover, make sure that you enroll in a course that has weekly classes instead of having daily ones.

What to Expect in a Course of Lamaze Childbirth Method

A Lamaze class usually has a total of 12 couples present in it and can take up to 12 hours. The following are some of the things that are going to be covered during a Lamaze course:

  • Visual representation of natural birth through videos.
  • Lectures of how to remain active and informed about the birth process.
  • Breathing techniques that help in coping with labor pain.
  • Relaxation techniques such as hydrotherapy, massages, walking and positional changes that can reduce the labor pain during childbirth.
  • Tips for the partner so that he remains supportive throughout the delivery process.
  • Importance of professional support during the delivery process.
  • Effective communication with the healthcare staff so that you get what you require.
  • Complications that can occur during the delivery process and the medical processes that might have to be used.
  • Pain management techniques and medications.
  • Breastfeeding and how to interact with your baby.

More Tips on Lamaze Childbirth Method

1. Choose the Right Educator

First of all, research about the childbirth educators in your area and find out which one among them is the most experienced and has the best reputation. Check whether the educator has a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator certificate or not. Get the educator to teach you different methods of coping with the pain and learn all the techniques and methods that would be of use to you during the delivery process. You can ask him/her about pain relieving medicines if the pain is too much for you to bear.

2. Learn Through Instructional Courses

You and your partner should take part in a Lamaze instructional course, which is no more than 12 hours long and covers important topics such as breathing and relaxation techniques as well as breastfeeding and methods that can be used for managing the pain felt during delivery.

3. Understand the Spirit of Lamaze

Understanding the spirit of the Lamaze method is important to get a better idea of what the method is all about. The Lamaze spirit lies in giving women the power to decide how they want to give birth. It advocates educating women so that they can make the well-informed decisions during their delivery.

4. Apply Lamaze Breath to Everyday Life

If a woman is given the freedom to relax and cope with the contractions she is having, she is going to start breathing, moaning and changing her position naturally until she achieves the right rhythm that suits her best. This will help her in giving her baby the freedom to rotate and move in the womb and accelerate the labor process. When the contractions of the woman get stronger, her body is going to start releasing endorphins which are like narcotics that will ease her pain.

Slow and conscious breathing is a way to cope with the pain felt during labor. It allows women to lower down their anxiety levels and helps in pushing away the pain. When you start breathing consciously, the concentration shifts to the breathing motion and all other sensations are temporarily forgotten by the mind. This is why breathing is one of the most important teachings of Lamaze method.

Important Notes: Find your rhythm

During the labor process, you would have to find your rhythm. This would allow you to get yourself alienated from the world you are in. Once you have found your rhythm, it would become easier for you to do what is required for coping with the contractions. The endorphins will start releasing at this time and begin easing your pain, guiding you through the delivery process. During this time, it is important for your healthcare team to not disturb you and keep on providing you encouragements and support.