How to Be a Stay at Home Mom

There are many who believe that stay at home moms don’t work. That’s definitely not true! Working as a stay at home mom is challenging. It requires multi-taskingskill, smarts, discipline, a great grasp of time management skills and so much more. In order to become a stay at home mom, you must be dedicated to the job and ready to tackle it. Here’s how to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) and not lose your sanity at the same time.

How to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom Happily and Productively 

Many moms choose to stay at home because they are convinced they are the ones who should care for their children – not daycare, not a nanny, not a babysitter, or even other family members. Stay at home moms must make big sacrifices in order to survive on only one income, and they must also make some emotional sacrifices in order to make it work. But your child will likely thrive under your constant care. Here’s how to make it easier:

1.      Develop a Rational Schedule

SAHMs must be highly organized, and that means a schedule that is likely to keep everyone happy. Most schedules include breakfast, play or classtime, a snack, more play, lunchtime followed by a nap, then an afternoon snack, plus all the little events that must happen during the day, such as outings with the kids, getting the laundry done, etc. Create a schedule that helps ensure you get it all done.

2.      Make Lists of Things to Do

Lists are absolutely required for a stay at home mom. There is so much happening that you absolutely must keep on top of it, and you don’t have a secretary to help you with this job! Make a list the night before of the things you need to accomplish the next day, and then stick to that list as much as you can. If your kids are old enough to do chores, give them a list too.

3.      Show Love

How to be a good stay at home mom? Love and devotion comes first. They have made a lot of sacrifices in order to be there. So make a point of showing your love for your kids, even when they have been on your last nerve all day long. You are there for them, and one day they will appreciate that. They will also remember when you took the time to say “I love you” or give them a cuddle. After all, that is why you decided to be a stay at home mom in the first place!

4.      Keep Up with Housework

It might seem impossible to keep the house clean, but once you figure out a schedule that really works, you will be able to finish the laundry and the dishes and get food on the table while handling the needs of young children. If it sounds daunting, that’s because it is! Learning how to be a stay at home mom means learning to juggle like crazy.

5.      Let Kids Be Your “Helper”

Are your kids curious about what you are doing? Let them help you! SAHMs can use all the help they can get, and when the little ones want to help, that’s amazing. So teach them how to do housework, let them participate as your “big helper,” and take some weight off your shoulders. You are teaching them great skills that will come in handy when they are older.

6.      Stay in Shape

Staying in shape is very important, not only for your health, but for your self-esteem as well. It can be very easy to get out of shape by working as a stay at home mom, simply because you aren’t working out as much as you used to. So try to fit in exercise when you can, such as investing in a jogging stroller to use on the way to the park.

7.      Talk with Other Parents

If you stay at home all the time, you just might go nuts. So make time in your schedule to go to the park for playtime, or join a mom’s group with mothers of children of ages that same as yours. You can go to kid-friendly places and have a conversation with another adult, instead of talking to no one but a little toddler day in and day out. They can also help you with tips, resources, and encouragement.

8.      Bond with Your Partner

Don’t let being a stay at home mom takes over the other aspects of your life. Make a point of spending time with your partner, going out on date nights, and otherwise keeping your relationship strong. You might be a stay at home mom, but you are also a wife and partner to someone who adores you, so make sure they get ample time, too.

9.      Socialize and Enjoy the Outside World

When answering how to be a stay at home mom, you should never forget to do something that doesn’t require you to be a mom. Join a book club, a wine club, or any other event that happens on a regular basis and lets you feel as though you are a woman again, not just a mother. Socializing with those who are not stay at home moms can keep you connected to a world that you might feel has moved on without you.

10.    Consider Part-time Work or Working from Home

Sometimes stay at home moms find that no matter how much they cut corners, it is still very difficult to make things work financially. In that case, consider working part time from home. This can be especially challenging, but you can likely make it happen if you have an understanding boss and the ability to telecommute. You might also choose to start your own small business or freelance on the side.

Here’s much more about the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom so that you can play that role better and have more ideas on how to be a stay at home mom: