Having an Affair: What You Should Know and How to Avoid Being Caught

Irresistible man at work? Gorgeous gym trainer? Hot next door neighbor? Almost every woman harbors the dream of cheating on their guys during the relationship and having an affair. However, only few women dare to do that successfully. Before even cooking the idea of an affair in your head, you have got to do some ground reality checks. There are things that you must know before getting caught up in your affair. This article will guide you about how to have an exquisite affair without being caught!

7 Things You Should Know About Having an Affair

1. Living with Fear

What if he calls? What if someone is following you to your dates? What if you are caught by someone? Should you wait for his calls or grab your phone and call him yourself? Have things gone topsy turvy with the arrival of Mr. Lover? What is somebody finds you acting differently, unlike you? You will go nuts obsessing over such questions and you won’t really get anything out of it. You will find yourself calculating the possibilities, considering the what-ifs and fretting the should I-s.

2. Say Hello to Expenses

There will be added expenses? How does that even fit in? Well, here’s how it fits in the picture: lavish dining, hotels room where no one can find you, sexy appealing lingerie, personal training sessions, trustworthy babysitters and the list goes on. Most of the item in the list will be taken care of by cash so keep your wallet loaded.

3. Kids Bring Complication to the Equation

Don’t be even remotely surprised if you feel like you are stealing from your kiddos while being cuddled by your lover- even if they are at school or indulged happily in their activities. You will constantly think about how things will shape up if your children found out about your affair and what would be their reaction. It will spin your head thinking about taking the only family your children have learned to love.

4. All that Glitters Is Not Gold

Despite the perfect beginning, your Mr. Perfect may screw things up by disappointing you or irritating you, especially when you are expecting the opposite. But this doesn’t state the end of your affair. Sure, it may be a bumpy ride but nothing actually works without some efforts. Compromise and sacrifices along with mutual understanding will keep you on track.

5. Passwords Are a Must

Even if you are keeping things discrete, you still need to hide the evidences of your affair from your spouse. You’ll have to put passwords on the accounts through which you contact your lover. Constant panic attacks of having left your computer turned on or your cell phone unlocked will be part of the package.

6. New Sparks May Eventually Die

No matter how perfect your partner is in bed, eventually the charms will wear off and with the evaporation of the beginning heat, things might get a whole lot dull. Not entirely boring though. Just a transformation of an electric jolt into a plain tingle.

7. It's Difficult to Put an End to It

You might get bored, you will see it going nowhere, you may get exhausted or you may rethink about everything over and over concluding it was all a mistake. But getting out isn’t as easy as getting in; you may find yourself digesting the threats of your lover to turn you in if you leave him. Things may be opposite as well, maybe he might want to quit. No matter what the situations is, things can be really messy if the two of you aren’t on the same page.

How to Avoid Being Caught While Having an Affair

1. Choose the Right Person

Be sure to highlight the rules to your lover, once you get tangled in an affair. Pick the person who expects equally as you. Not more, not less. Don’t indulge with people who are rather clingy and may want you 24/7.

2. Don’t Break Your Routine at Home

You are likely to be caught in your affair if you change everything about your lifestyle, routines and yourself, all at once. New hair styles, new elegant dresses/jewelry and coming home late at night may bring you to the spotlight of your spouse even if you’d rather stay "unspotted". This will give your spouse a new assignment to work on, a far more interesting one, and he/she will do everything to get to its bottom. So how exactly should you manage everything on your platter? Go easy on yourself! Continue to shower your attention to your spouse, like you usually do and bring the change gradually not suddenly.

3. Always Have a Good Alibi

How to keep up with your affair? The simplest yet easiest thing that you can do is indulge in activities that will require you to be outdoors. Sneaking out was sort of easy when you were kid, parents bought that sort of excuses, but your spouse won’t, so you may choose activities such as shopping, or going to a movie, or going to a spa or perhaps to Starbucks. This will help you keep things under the ‘normal-zone’ without having to answer the inquisitive squad that your spouse might launch at you any second of your waking life!

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