Hair Loss After Delivery

image001 It is normal for women to develop lustrous and thick hair during pregnancy. Most of the time, women will be thrilled with their hair while they are pregnant as the only problem is usually a little bit of dryness that can be easily fixed. After this, the changes to your hair after delivery can be a bit of a shock. It is normal to have hair loss after delivery and it isn’t usually a cause for alarm. The hair loss after labor is usually defined as the sudden loss of hair that mothers go through about three to six months after giving birth.

Hair Loss After Delivery—Is It Normal?

A lot of new moms get a shock when they realize that for a few months after they give birth they are shedding more hair than they normally do. Despite this, it is not a concern and is completely normal. Most of the time, your hair will be normal again by the time your child turns one.

The hair loss is due to the process of hair growth. Most of the time somewhere between 85 and 95 percent of your hair will be growing while the rest (5 to 15 percent) keeps the same. Hair then falls out at the end of the resting stage, usually when you are washing it or brushing it out, and new growth will take its place. It is normal for a woman to lose around 100 hairs each day.

That process changes slightly during pregnancy, however. That is because estrogen levels rise and this increases the length of your hair’s growing stage. This means that fewer of your hairs will be in the resting stage so that less will fall out, leaving you with locks that are thicker and more luxuriant.

After you give birth, your estrogen levels will begin to drop back down to normal and this means that more of your hair follicles will go into the resting stage. That in turn means that you will seem to be losing a lot more hair when brushing or washing your hair. The good news is that this post-pregnancy shedding tapers off and your hair will eventually get back to the thickness it was before your pregnancy. Most of the time, this process will take six to twelve months after you give birth.

If you haven’t noticed any dramatic changes with your hair throughout pregnancy or after birth, you are not alone. Not everyone will notice huge changes and it is more common for those with longer hair to notice them.

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What Can I Do about Hair Loss after Delivery?

To minimize your hair loss after delivery, you can take a few simply steps.

What to Do


Keep a healthy lifestyle

Make sure that you eat well and get enough vitamins by taking your favorite prenatal vitamin supplement. This will help maintain your hair’s health.

Do not shampoo too much

To keep the shedding to a minimum, try to be extra-gentle with your hair. Don’t shampoo your hair more often than necessary and when you do, always opt for a quality conditioner.

Select a wide-toothed comb

Use this kind of comb to get rid of tangles as they will minimize damage and pull less on your hair.

Choose a good hairstyle

Being gentle with your hair also extends to the hairstyles you choose. Try to avoid tight hairdos and opt for barrettes instead of options such as rubber bands which can cause damage.

Avoid getting hair treatments

Try to avoid these treatments until your hair is no longer shedding and this includes straightening, perming, and highlighting. You should also do your best to not use hot styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, or blow-dryers until after the shedding stops.

Call your doctor

Let your doctor know if you feel your hair shedding is excessive. In some rare cases, it may indicate postpartum thyroiditis if it goes along with other symptoms.

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss after Delivery?

  • Keeping a healthy diet. After delivery, it not only helps you lose the baby weight, but it can also help you maintain your hair. Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants and flavonoids which protect hair follicles and can encourage hair growth. You can also add in biotin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex to your diet to prevent hair loss.
  • Choose a good shampoo. When you are looking for a shampoo, pick one with quality ingredients such as silica or biotin as these will help your hair stay healthy and increase follicle growth. Try to take heated styling tools out of your morning routine, at least until your hair loss seems to be slowing down or stopping. If you really need to use hot tools, always use the cool setting.
  • Cut your hair. It can also help prevent hair loss. It will get rid of split ends which can make your hair unhealthy. In addition, shorter hair will weigh less so that your hair follicles experience less pressure. It will also be easier to take care of, which is great for new moms with limited time.
  • Stay stress-free. Whenever possible, do your best to avoid stress as this could lead to increased hair loss. Try relaxation techniques or sharing responsibilities with your partner. If you stay stress-free, you will have a better chance of keeping your pre-pregnancy hair.