Dying Hair While Pregnant: Safety, Precautions & Alternatives

Women are known to be conscious when it comes to their looks. Whatever their age may be, they always want to strut their beauty. However, during pregnancy some women believe “the simpler the better”, while some mothers still want to show their best and be more beautiful in this special moment of their lives. Those who want to retain their beauty still visit the salons. For them, the relationship between dying hair and pregnancy should be one of the top concern.

Is It Safe of Dying Hair While Pregnant?

Many women who want to be more beautiful use a secret technique–getting their hair colored. For those who want to be blonde, brunette or redhead, using a hair dye actually boosts their beauty and even adds attitude to their looks. However, pregnant women who are interested in coloring their hair often ask the same question first: is it compatible of dying hair and pregnancy? The answer has been found, yet is unsure – probably.

Many studies regarding hair dye and pregnancy were conducted and none of which found a specific proof that hair coloring can cause any birth defects to the child indeed. Amid this fact, pregnant women are still not allowed to get their hair colored during their first trimester. Another question pops in: why?

Just because there are not any evidences that hair dyes cause any birth defects doesn’t mean that it is actually safe. It is still best to be very careful during the first trimester since it is when the baby’s organs are actually forming. It is a normal occurrence that doctors prohibit hair coloring during this trimester. Other doctors prohibit hair treatments until the pregnancy is over, while some allows the mother to get a hair dye on her second trimester.

What Precautions Should I Take Before Dying Hair While Pregnant?

1. Test for Allergic Reactions

One of the most important precautions to consider is to test first if there will be any possible allergic reactions before applying the dye. Most packages have patch test instructions. To test the dye, put a dab of the dye on your ear and to not wash it for two days. Allergic reactions may be itching, redness or having a burning sensation on the skin. If you are having your hair done at the salon, make sure that they too, will do the patch test.

2. Wear Gloves and Follow the Directions

Getting a hair dye must be done with utmost care, most especially if you are pregnant. During the application, it would be best to wear gloves and to follow the directions stated in the package. Professionals may do this, but in doing your own hair color, it will be safer not to mix different hair dye products, most especially if you are not sure what you are doing.

3. Rinse Your Scalp Promptly and Properly

One must remember not to leave the dye on the head longer than it is needed. Also, never ever try to dye your lashes and eyebrows. Allergic reactions and eye infections caused by hair dyes may result to blindness. Be sure to rinse your scalp properly with water and wash all the hair dye away.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dying Hair While Pregnant?

1. Highlight Your Hair

If you are half-hearted in getting your hair colored, highlights is also an alternative. The dye does not start from the root of your hair which actually made it safer for you and your baby. Aside from the fact that your scalp will not absorb it, highlights are also known to add accent to the hair and to make one more beautiful just like a regular hair dye.

2. Semi-permanent Hair Dye

If you want to be extra careful with your choice of hair dye, a semi-permanent hair dye which is low or does not contain ammonia or peroxide will help you ease your hair treatments. This semi-permanent dye is lower in chemicals as compared to the conventional hair dye. You can also use color-enhancing shampoos to boost and strengthen your hair dye, so you can also avoid frequent visits to the salon.

3. Hair Mascara

Aside from these, there is also hair mascara that temporarily colors your hair with its thick mascara-like wand. This hair mascara only colors the outer layer of the hair which makes it safe to use. As compared to the regular hair coloring products, hair mascara is also more convenient, as the wand is easier and faster to use. It is also better than the trending spray on hair color that is more dangerous for the health with its chemicals and fumes.