Childproofing Products

Dangers and threats are present in and around the house and injure the children on a frequent basis. However, there is no need to panic as there are childproofing products available that can be used to avoid these risks. Childproofing gadgets have to be solid and usable at the same time to ensure safety of the kids. You can easily find these devices on stores for a very affordable price. The following are some childproofing products style= that you can use to keep your child safe from injury.  

Childproofing Products

1. Corner and Edge Guards

Edges of furniture items like coffee tables, hearths and sofas can cause severe injuries to young children as they are prone to falls and tumbles in this age of their lives. To avoid this, corner and edge guards can prove to be very valuable. These devices can cover up the edges, ensuring that the child does not get seriously injured even if he falls and bumps hid head on them.   

2. Anti-Tip Straps and Brackets

Toddlers try to reach for objects that they find interesting, and they can end up pulling an object over themselves and get injured in the process. To prevent this, you can use anti-tip straps and brackets to secure the heavy electronic items to the wall, stopping them from falling onto the kid. The anti-tip brackets have an L-shaped design and have to be fitted both in the object and the wall to keep it from falling when pulled by a toddler. 

3. Outlet Protectors

Electric switches are also among the dangers present in homes for kids. To stop the children from meddling with them the use of outlet plates and outlet covers is recommended. They can avert the chances of electrocution and electrical shock. Makes sure that the plates and covers you use are sturdy and cannot be swallowed by the children. 

4. CO and Smoke Alarms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is extremely harmful for young kids and it is imperative that you must have a CO detector in the child’s room to alert you about any gas leaks that might occur. Smoke alarms are also important child-safety products that must be installed in all the rooms to safeguard against fires.  

5. Locks and Latches

Children love exploring insides cabinets and drawers and can get injured while poking around in them. To stop them from opening cabinets, it is best to make use of safety locks and latches. These safety devices will thwart the child’s attempts to gain access to sharp objects and hazardous objects like cleaners, detergents present inside the drawer.

Watch the video below to learn how to install safety latches:

6. Wind-Ups

Children love pulling on cords and might wrap them around their body or neck if they get their hands on it. Thus, it is important to keep them well away from their reach. To ensure this you can make use of wind-ups or cord shorteners.

7. Window Guards

Toddlers who have started climbing are fascinated by windows and try to see what lies beyond them. This can be dangerous for the child as he might fall out from the window even if there a window screen in place as it is not strong enough to stop a child from falling. Making use of window guards can help you in preventing this. They will provide a barrier between the window and the child and thus stop him from venturing out further.

8. Bathroom Aids

It does not take much water to drown a toddler or so it is important that you make use of bathroom aids like toilet seat latches, tub faucet covers and non-slip mats to avoid accidents in the bathroom. Anti-scald devices can be used for tub faucets to adjust the temperature of the bathwater and prevent the chances of burns.

Pools and spas should be kept well out of the reach of young kids. There must be some kind of barrier at a height of at least 4 feet encircling the pool or spa to prevent the child from entering it or a pool alarm that goes off whenever someone goes near the pool. 

9. Door Safety Products

Door locks and door knob covers are ideal for stopping children from gaining access to places and rooms that they are not supposed to enter. These devices can help you in keeping your child from entering potentially dangerous areas of the house for him like the basement. The door knob covers must be strong and easy to use for adults so that they can enter a room without delay in case an emergency happens. 

10. Safety Gates

Safety gates are an excellent childproofing item that you must have in your home if your child has started crawling. Since he is ready to explore, he is going to venture out into areas of the house that he is not supposed to go and might get hurt. Having hardware mounted or pressure mounted safety gates installed in front of doors and at the top and bottom of staircases can help you in keeping your toddler from injuring himself. 

11. Outdoor Childproofing Products

Balconies and decks are potential hazards for toddlers and making them secure is important. The use of netting, Plexiglas or plastic sheeting can help you in achieving this task.