Bumpers in Cribs

image001 All parents make intentional and unintentional efforts to promote the safety and well-being of their babies. Markets are over flooded with safety items that parents can use for their infant’s safety. Bumpers in cribs are a kind of those safety items. It has been observed by several clinical studies and surveyed by awareness groups that this product is no longer safe to be used in small babies. Not only can it increases the risk of suffocation in children, it can also lead to SIDS–Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

How Safe Is It to Use Crib Bumpers?

Experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest it is not the greatest idea to use bumpers in cribs. In fact, some bumpers also contain breathable mesh crib liners that are extremely hazardous for babies.

Although, it is believed that bumpers help in prevention of injuries in young babies. Yet there is no evidence to prove this claim. Parents are often tempted to bring such products to use as they are concerned about their children’s safety. What they fail to understand and neglect is that bumpers hinder and stop fresh air from reaching children, which may result in strangulation, suffocation and SIDS.

If you want to learn more about the safety of bumpers in cribs, check out the video below:

Some Notable Myths and Facts About Crib Bumpers

You obviously want to put your delicate little baby in the most comfortable bedding available. A bumper crib seems perfect as it is soft and perfectly designed for your baby’s comfort. But the question is: Is it designed for your baby’s safety? Or is your baby’s health and life in danger? Stats have proved how harmful bumper cribs have been in the past.

There are some widely believed myths about bumpers in cribs:

Myth # 1: Bumpers help in keeping my child safe from hitting on the slats of the cribs.

This is the most common myth and the reason why crib bumpers are so famous. The truth is that the bumpers do prevent your baby from hitting the sides of the cribs, but they do not eliminate it completely. After a certain age, children squirm in their cribs and move in their sleep. Chances are they might hit the crib slats, but experts say that the force is never that much to injure the child. Instead, if there are bumpers, the child might not have the energy to move away from the soft bumpers, which would lead to disastrous events such as choking and suffocation.

Myth # 2: Bumpers prevent children from injuring body parts that they stick out of crib slats.

Yes, bumpers reduced the risk of children injuring their arms and legs, but that was when the cribs were designed that way. The modern cribs are designed in a way that they do not need bumper padding on the sides. The slats are designed in a way that they do not allow the arms and legs of little ones pass through them. The kids can slightly injure themselves sometimes, but again the experts believe that little loss should be considerable instead of facing the big consequences caused by the bumpers.

Myth # 3: Breathable mesh bumpers are a good alternative.

Experts are concerned that “rebreathing syndrome” is a common complication of breathable mesh bumpers (child breathing the same air over and over again). This interferes with proper ventilation and supply of oxygen and hence risks of SIDS. Although these bumpers are specially designed to manage proper flow of air and to prevent over-heating, but the experts still do not advise the use of this product as they say there is no proof these bumpers are any better and the risks of strangulating and suffocation still remain.

It is important that your child’s safety comes first and comfort comes next. It is better to invest your money in other things that will prove to be more valuable in the long run and will also provide your child with benefits.

Some Tips to Ensure Effective Usage of Cribs

It is very important that the bedding and mattresses used in cribs, available in market, are certified safe by a local or international agency that hold a license and reputation in the market. This is just to make sure you child is using a product that is safe and has been used by many other parents (with a good experience) in the past. Natural fiber mattresses are a good choice when it comes to this. The material used in fiber bedding materials does not carry any toxicants that might not be the case with beddings made out of synthetic fibers (containing artificial colors and dyes causing harm to child’s skin).

In addition, round cribs are considered most user-friendly these days as they facilitate easy patching and dispatching of safety nets and crib nets. Parents see this as an advantage as it helps kids to stay safe and from falling out of their cribs.

Here aresome safety tips for parents:

  • Make sure that your baby is sleeping on his back when you put him to bed.
  • Check all the hinges and screws frequently as to avoid mishaps.
  • It is advisable not to put any soft toys and furry and fluffy beddings in baby’s crib as that may become a cause of suffocation.
  • It has been widely observed previously that bumpers in cribs have caused SIDS and have been a cause of sudden deaths.
  • Make sure there are no drop sides.
  • The temperature of the room and airflow should be moderate.
  • The crib mattress should be simple and firm.
  • When your baby is old enough to sit up and stand, one must remove the bumpers as they may be helpful in climbing up and may cause falling down. All other items that can cause entanglement must be removed.
  • You should avoid necklaces and bibs when your kid is in their crib as that may strangle them. Also avoid play gyms that hang over the crib and put the crib away from windows and doors as that might hurt your kid at play.