Birth Control

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  • Side Effects of Birth Control Side Effects of Birth Control
    by » Jan 14, 2015 0:13
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    As there are many methods on birth control, some people may be concerned with the side effects of birth control. Each method does have side effects like irregular menstruation, but not to all.
  • Natural Family Planning
    by » Jan 6, 2015 21:31
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    One method of birth control: Natural Family Planning, has both positive and negative aspects. How does this method work and what should you look out for?
  • Pregnancy After Mirena Removal Pregnancy After Mirena Removal
    by » Jan 6, 2015 21:14
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    Mirena is a common IUD that relies on hormones to provide contraception. Pregnancy after Mirena removal is possible with the right procedures. Learn how.
  • Antibiotics and Birth Control Antibiotics and Birth Control
    by » Dec 10, 2014 19:27
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    The relationship between antibiotics and birth control is not completely understood. Is it true that antibiotics make birth control less effective?

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