Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gives a chance to the pregnant women to celebrate her pregnancy and to get ready for the upcoming parenthood. The event can be as simple as few friends meeting together for a cup of evening tea to a well decorated party complete with a cake, theme and games. If you are also invited to a baby shower of someone you know, then be prepared to buy some baby shower gifts. This article describes some best baby shower gifts ideas for you.

11 Best Baby Shower Gifts

1. Baby Shoes

image001Baby shoes form great baby shower gifts as shoes help in both protecting and supporting the growing feet of the baby when they are ready to take their first steps. You should take care to choose shoes that are made of soft material so that they do not feel hard to the feet of the baby.

2. Sleep Sack

image002Sleep sack is also one of the best baby shower gifts as it is the safest crib for the newborn baby. It does not have pillows, blankets or stuffed toys in it, making it a smart and cozy choice for the newborn baby during those cool winter nights.

3. Play Mat

image003You can also give a play mat to the pregnant mom as a baby shower gift. There are various types available which have vivid colors, a dangling toy monkey or an elephant, wind chime, teether and a soft cozy quilt to lie on. The play mat can create an excellent play area for the newborn. There are varieties of play mat available whose pad can be washed in machine, and the whole toy can be folded easily to a compact shape, making storage easy.

4. The Boppy

image004A boppy forms a great gift for baby shower as it can be of great help and support to a nursing mother, where she can rest her baby comfortably during breastfeeding. The boppy is available in various designs and fabric style; it fits all waist sizes and can be washed in the machine and dried easily in the drier. This ranks among the best baby shower gifts intended for the mother to be. 


5. Bouncy Seat

image005A bouncy seat will keep both the newborn and their parents happy. Bouncy seat is a type of baby gear that has a fabric which stretches across the frame made of either metal or plastic. It also has a strap for additional safety of the baby. The baby lies in there and simultaneously the parents can perform their chores. Some models of bouncy seat are operated by a battery for producing a rhythmic and more soothing bounce.

6. Baby Monitor

image006Usually first time parents feel nervous to leave their newborn baby alone for even a short duration of time. The portable baby monitor receiver can be put comfortably on the bedside table of the babies and its presence is reassuring for the parents. More sophisticated versions of baby monitor are available these days with some even capable of picking up a baby’s faintest breath sounds within a range of almost 600 feet or even more. They are especially useful for parents whose baby sleeps in a different room. Some options have the facility of sounding an alarm in case the baby has not moved for some amount of time. There are video monitors available, which make the parents able to both visualize and hear their babies. Click here for more on recommended baby monitor. 

7. Baby Sling or Front Carrier

image007Baby sling or front carrier is one of the most useful gifts for a new mom as she can safely keep her baby snuggled up to herself and at the same time her hands are left free to do the household chores or other errands. The baby slings are also loved by the babies as they help them sit snuggled up close to the warmth and protection of their mothers. According to health experts, the close contact created by baby slings or front carriers is an excellent way to help strengthen the bond between parent and their child.

8. Bath Kit

image008A bath kit also forms an excellent baby shower gift that is both fun and practical. You can buy a baby tub and fill it with all the essentials required for a baby bath. These include a mild soap that does not irritate the skin of the newborn, baby shampoo, again a mild one, a soft hooded towel and a soft washcloth or a sponge. You can also include a baby bath toy such as a rubber duck. Some nice additions are a baby brush and comb and also a bottle of bubble bath for the new mom, which she can use when her baby is asleep.

9. Starter Library

image009Books are best baby shower gifts if you sneak in the right variety. You can include baby board books in hardcover with vivid pictures in bright colors to gain the attention of the babies. Moreover, the bond between the mother and the child is strengthened when she reads a simple story from the book to her child. You can choose from Goodnight Moon to Guess How Much I Love You to Runaway Bunny.

10. Blankets and Beddings

image010Baby blankets and beddings also form an excellent baby shower gift and to personalize the experience you can have a monogram or the name of the baby embroidered on it (if you know that in advance). You can knit a blanket with your own hands and make it a special gift to treasure for the new mom. You can also take a fleece blanket, which has different varieties of silk ribbons and tags tied around its edges.

11. Books for Parents

image011Books for parents that include both books on parenting and books for the baby can form an excellent baby shower gift, which can be cherished for years to come. You can organize a baby shower that is book-themed and can ask all the guests on the list to bring books in various categories.

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