Am I Ready for a Baby?

You and your partner have finally decided to welcome a new guest to your family – a little angel from heaven. That is great, but do you really think you are ready for a baby? You may already be asking yourself "am I ready for a baby". Then, you may hear from people who say you just cannot be completely ready to have a baby, so go on and decide in favor of it. Still, you will be better off paying attention to a few important things before you decide to get pregnant.

Am I Ready for a Baby?

While it may seem that the time is right to have a baby, you should always take some more time and consider a few important things first.

Are You Psychologically Ready for a Baby?

Understand that parenting can be challenging both psychologically and emotionally. If you are not already in an emotionally stable state, you may make things worse for both you and your little one. If you struggle with anxiety, depression or have problems with your relationships or self-image, you should first seek help from a professional before getting pregnant.

Can You Provide Your Baby with a Sense of Home?

It is important to make children feel safe and secure, so you should think twice before embracing parenthood if you do not have a home or are not willing to simulate one. You do not need to build a castle for your little angel–a small home that comes with a sense of continuity and a feeling of stability will do.

How is Your Relationship?

Parenting will become a lot easier when your partner is around to help. It means you really have to consider how strong your relationship is before becoming pregnant. Consider couples counseling if you and your partner are not convinced about anything before embracing parenthood. What's more, you should also ensure that both of you are comfortable with having a baby.

Are You Financially Ready for a Baby?

You do not need to be a millionaire to raise a child, but you should have some level of financial security to raise your child right. You may want to think again about having a baby if you already find it difficult to make ends meet.

How Do You Handle Stress and Have Fun?

Am I ready for a baby? No, you are not if you do not know how to handle stress. Similarly, you may decide against having a baby if your idea of having fun involves nights out with friends that involves heavy drinking and much more.

Do You Have Support?

Even with your partner there, you must have someone who you can talk with about the issues you face while raising your child. It always helps to spend some time with your partner out in the town when you know your mother-in-law is there to watch the baby for a few hours. It also feels easier to manage things when you have a network of parent friends.

Do You Still Have Any Issue with Your Parents?

If you still have unresolved issues about how your parents raised you, be sure to resolve those issues before you have your own kids. Ask a professional to help you out in this regard.

Are You Physically Ready for a Baby?

If you are not in a great physical state, you may want to do something before you plan to have a baby. Raising your little bundle of joy can be physically taxing. Take this quiz to determine if you are physically ready to have a baby.

Are You Excited About the Idea of Having a Baby?

You can have a baby even if you are not currently very excited about it and later discover how exciting it is, but you are going make things work in the right way if you have some enthusiasm. Being nervous is fine because parenthood is all about evolving yourself and you will learn it too.

How to Get Ready for a Baby

Now you have some information about "am I ready for a baby", but you should also learn how you can prepare yourself better to embrace parenthood in the right way. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

1. Make Some Financial Decisions

While you may think it is enough to give your baby love and attention, you have to understand that material goods are equally important. So make sure you are in a position to afford it. You may want to take out life insurance, make a will, and save for university fees before finally deciding to become pregnant.

2. Stop Birth Control

Stop using contraception and stop taking the pill when you are ready to become pregnant. Know the date of your last period to help determine your due date when you actually become pregnant.

3. Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet

Make sure to eat lots of fruits, veggies, cereals, whole grains, and anything that provides you with important nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamin D. Talk to your doctor and ask about taking an antenatal supplement to start a healthy pregnancy.

4. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Whether you are overweight or underweight, you need to take steps to get to a healthy body weight before becoming pregnant. Make sure to have your BMI within 19-25 range before pregnancy. Lose 10-20% of your body weight if your periods are irregular and your BMI is greater than 30.

5. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

You should exercise regularly to improve your energy levels and mood. Regular exercise should also help you with healthy weight management and put you in a position to cope with rigors of labors when the time comes. Simple exercises such as cycling or walking will do the trick.

6. Quit All Bad Habits

You should stop smoking right away and limit alcohol intake. Taking drugs before or while becoming pregnant may lead to a miscarriage or cause birth defects. Smoking recreational drugs such as cocaine or marijuana may also reduce your fertility and make it difficult to conceive.