28 Healthy Fridge Foods

If your refrigerator is stocked only with the nutritious foods and is devoid of all the junk, then your chances of consuming unhealthy meals decrease significantly. Imagine opening your fridge to find no processed items, high salt or high fat source of empty calories that could endanger your health or wellbeing. With all the healthy fridge foods listed in this article, you can get a quick grasp on what to stock and what to say goodbye to. So, the next time you shop at a supermarket, you will know what your fridge really wants!

28 Healthy Fridge Foods You Can’t Miss

1. Breads & Snacks

Healthy Fridge Foods


Whole wheat & flatbreads

These are healthier choices than thin crust pizzas, wraps and burritos. To make different food varieties with added fiber, you may stock in various sizes and flavors into your refrigerator.

High fiber breads

These contain lots of fiber, protein and vitamin B. While shopping, buy the brand that has at least 4gms fiber per serving. When you prepare a sandwich, add fruits or veggies to make it much healthier.  

Sweet snacks

Frozen marshmallows taste like caramel-chewy whereas frozen grapes taste like gumdrops. Stock your fridge with either of the two as they give the satisfaction without even making you fat.

2. Dairy & Drink

Healthy Fridge Foods



1% milk, unlike some of the people think, is healthy to drink. However, stockmilk that is packed in opaque containers to keep it protected from the light,which can minimize its vitamin content.


Keep the eggs within the carton on a lower shelf to prevent the loss of moisture and carbon dioxide. Also, egg shells can absorb flavors and odorsthrough those tiny holes present on their surface.


Instead of stocking soft, mellow cheese, stock hard, sharp cheese. A little amount contains a lot of flavor which cuts off both the fat grams and extra money. Buy Parmigiano cheeseor aged Cheddar.

Butter & margarine

Keep the butter sticks in a covered butter dish. Freeze the butter bars that are not in use. And for margarine, the one that is soft and packaged in tubs or the one tagged as trans-fat-free is the only healthy choice.


Instead of the non-fat, shop the low-fat yogurt for added flavor. You can add it when baking or simply obtain the yogurt cheese out of it by draining the yogurt through coffee filter.


Instead of the low cholesterol mayonnaise, buy the low fat type. The regular mayonnaise contains a little cholesterol, however, it does contain a lot of fat.

Orange juice

Pick the calcium fortified juice. The difference in taste is quite negligible. A glass of juice provides 1/3 of the calcium for daily requirement.

3. Fresh Produce

Healthy Fridge Foods



Apples are rich in nutrition. They are not only tasty but also very healthy. It provides vitamin A, pectin, potassium and fiber.


You can stock bananasin the freezer.It will turn the skins black, but the fruit inside will remain ripe and sweet. You can even blend yogurt, berries, orange juice and bananas to make a perfect smoothie for the breakfast.


Blueberries are the healthiest food. They contain vitamin C and antioxidant phytonutrients called anthocyanins and are rich in nutrition and flavors. When added to salads, oatmeal or cereals, blueberries yield the perfect taste.

Lemon & limes

They are the healthy addition to the refrigerator. They can be stocked for over a month. They are loaded with vitamin C which protects your body against inflammatory disorder, such as arthritis, along with boosting the immune system.


Garlic prevents the meals from becoming too dull. It also brings flavor to soups, sauces and many more dishes. It possesses germ killing properties and helps boost the immune system.


They should totally be refrigeratedas they are low calorie foods and contain vitamin C and a nutrient that gives a glowing skin and luscious locks. Also, theycan alleviate daily pains and aches.


They assist in seasoning a variety of dishes and add flavor to meals. They can be used in various forms, like slices for sandwiches or salads, or chopped squares for making curries.


They are loaded with vitamin A and a dietary antioxidant called beta carotene that assists in minimizing the chances of developing heart disease, cancer and cataracts. You can eat them raw or add them to stews and soups.


It is rich in indoles, sulforaphene, folate and vitamin A, C and K. These phytonutrients have got great anti-cancer effects. Broccoli also benefits the cardiovascular health.

4. Others

Healthy Fridge Foods



Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts are all good choices as they are comprised of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. To keep them fresh, store in a shelf that’s not close to the light.


Always stock the refrigerator with tubs of hummus and baby carrots. This combination is high in protein and low in fat, and can be used as a snack instead of stuffing your mouth with cookies and junk.

Lunch meat

Lunch meat keeps the cardiovascular system functioning properly. So, stock your fridge with turkey meat, chicken breasts or completely natural rotisserie chicken (fresh). You can poach or roast all the meat at once and then refrigerate it for quick and safe use.

Chicken broth

Buy the re-sealable cartons. It can be used in cooking sauté veggies, mash potatoes or rice. Go for organic broth or the one with low sodium content.

Salad dressing

Most dressings have high calories. Before picking any specific dressing item, first go through the label and then select the one with low calories.


Although mustard is not quite regular to use, however,you will need it once in a while. And Dijon and honey mustards can make the sandwiches very tasty. The flavors vary from strong to mild, so pick the one according to your taste.


This is not a regular thing but can be used once in a while. Ketchups usually bear a lot of sugar, however, some brands may supply low calories. You may also go for hot stuff if spicy condiments are what your tongue loves.


Healthy oil choices includesesame, canola and olive oil. Keep them refrigerated or else they might oxidize upon exposure to light and heat. Don’t worry if it becomes cloudy when kept in the fridge, it will clarify when kept at room temperature.